Jeff Sonksen

Paint the Trail Artist

About Jeff Sonksen

Work got slow for me as a carpenter during the recession. I’m not one to sit around either!

Frustrated and needing something to do, I started making panels out of fence pickets and then painting them with pop culture icons. I would install them on the fence at my parents house that faces a bicycle trail (Seminole Wekiva Trail in Longwood, Florida).

I would hang them as the sun was going down trying not to be caught. I must have hung 20 paintings before I needed to make room for more. While clearing the way for more paintings on a Saturday morning, people were stopping to chat. Some requested me to paint artwork for them. I left that day with a list of 5 people requestig artwork. At that time I thought work was slow, but now I’ve got something to keep me busy.

It didn’t take long for homeowners in the area to ask if I’d be interested in painting their fences too. I opened up a Facebook page and 3 years later I’m still painting. Doing what I can to get the community involved and see how far we can go. As of now there is over a half mile of painted fencing contained to a one mile area of the trail. My goal now is 5 miles. Smashing the record for the longest mural.

Check me out on Facebook under “Paint the Trail.”  In my Art Store you’ll find much smaller pieces, some hand painted, others were created using hand cut stencils I’ve made. I create a lot of the paintings out of recycled materials. Hope you enjoy what you see in here.  -Jeff

  • Likes To Paint 97%
  • Likes To Paint With Glitter 5%
  • Loves to Save Bears 100%
  • Makes Really Cool Videos 90%
  • Makes Saw Dust Fly Everywhere 37%